WMeteor v 1.1 for Windows ® 95/98

( Shareware ) If you search one full free version please go to Meteor v 4.0 Dos

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Please read before attentively this page. She contains more important Informations !

Why one Windows ® Version ?

It is to answer to the demand of certain users of Meteor DOS that wishes to exploit Meteor under Windows. She facilitates the manipulation of the STA or RAW Files for their analyses and especially WMeteor destine to work simultaneously with Colorgramme.

The existence of the TWO software justifies itself  by the fact that they are completely complementary and that WMeteor must use all the time available CPU for digitizing the signals and their brief analysis. Colorgramme is in charge of the result visualization, processing of data and FTP transfer (future) files or pictures on the Web at time differed. Our objective next time it is allow the user of WMeteor and Colorgramme to automate a maximum acquirement, processing and updating of a Web site for presenting these observations..

Minimum Required Configuration for WMeteor solely :
To possess a Interfacing special Meteor (cf : Electronics)
Computer PC 486 DX 66, 8 Mo Ram, SVGA screen (800x600 counseled).
We counsel you  to use WMeteor on a PC Pentium processor for reasons of execution speed. One finds some Pentiums 100 -> 200 second-hand easily.

WMeteor on a 486 is SLOWER than Meteor v 4.0 DOS !

Minimum requirement for WMeteor + Colorgramme :
Idem above more a modem for the FTP transfer.

ATTENTION: WMeteor is not destined to function under Windows 3.1

How to get a complete version of  WMeteor ?

REGISTER is necessary to get your serial number. For it send by post office a check or postal mandate an amount of 100 French Francs ( Prefered and lowest price ! ), or 20 US Dollars or 20 Euro(s) to:

Pierre Terrier
65 Rue de la Ville
34800 Canet     ( France - Europe )

In your letter Indicate your Address postal and/or your e-mail to get in return your SN° by post and by e-mail (faster).


WMeteor is foreseen to work SOLELY in Universal Time!
WMeteor uses the hour of your computer that is why he is INDISPENSABLE to configure the clock in your Windows parameters correctly.
1°) in the start menu of Windows select " Parameters " then " Configuration Panel".
2°) open clock program.

Clock configuration Panel

3°) select the tab " time zone "uncheck the box" to Adjust the clock for the automatic observation of the hour of summer" (only in France ???) in the list of places select " GMT hour of Greenwich, Dublin etc... " Validate, close then run WMeteor.

Regional parameters

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