For Windows 95-98

To install  unzip and run SETUP.EXE

By default Colorgramme v 2.2 running in French ! Open "options" menu and select English check box !

Colorgramme  runing under Windows 95/2000 conceived  with my friend Philippe Boeuf for permit the visualization of your data, in synthetic and attractive view for your publications (web for example). The university of Ghent invent this format of display for these data and we inspired directly.

Cologramme displays the number of echoes counted per hour on a month.
On the horizontal axis of pictures every column of pixels represents one day of the month (left to the right).
On the vertical axis every pixel represents 1hour from 0h UT (in top) to 23h UT (in bottom).
So some hours, days or all the month of observation can be represented.
The black pixels indicate an absence of obsevations (for maintenance for example). You can adjust the steps of visualization on the right by the elevator, so each little to adapt the display to the size of the datas (adjustable from zero to 1000).
The hardcopy of the picture generated is simple! Press the button " copy " in the software and the picture is in the memory of your computer. Open MSPAINT, use "paste"  command, Hop! has you publises on the web!

Below one example : The Leonids in November 1999
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