WMeteor v 1.0  for Windows 95-2000

Histogram :

By default WMeteor start on Hitogram function in the below window.
As in the DOS version of Meteor he serves to visualize the numeric value distribution displayed in the "curve" window.

Here is a screen shoot or no echoe is present in window of  WMeteor.
The histogram is concentrated to the center of the screen and no " picks " are present under 100 and over 150. Remark: These two values are not absolutely the limits for WMeteor, it is simply our example.
Affichage sans écho
Here now, this is a screen shoot of a strong and faster echoe. The histogram who will be displayed at the time of the updating of the window will be presented below.
Here is the corresponding histogram above to the echo. Remark the small " peaks "  at left toward the zero of the graphic. They indicate the presence of an echo. If the echo had appeared downwards by a deviation of the curve (this is not forbidden), then the "peaks " would be toward the right of the graphic.
Histogramme d'un echo