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Colorgramme V 2.0 Help

Files Menu:

    Open datas: to be going to look the file record (* .sta). You can select 1 of them only or several (CTRL key or SHIFT driven during the selection). The chosen files are then immediately displayed by default with the range of color.

    With WMeteor v 1.0 : If this function is chosen, the software asks where storage place of the of MV4 datas.






    The screen of Colorgramme changes then slightly, it run with MV4 in background. Data will be read at every full hour then + 06 min, at this time the window of display of Colorgramme draw a new color square.

    The small red advancement rod gives an idea of the remaining time before the next reading of measures.




You can also force the reading of data already recorded by the button :

    Open Picture: for open image (*.bmp  format) previously recorded by Colorgramme. To re trace this image with a new threshold is "no" effect.

    Save Picture: To save the "image" window in (*.bmp format) for display in all image processing software.

    See Raw Data: If you want to see hour datas, you can go here. For more information click here.


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