Meteor Showers

Here is the list of  Meteor Showers with the date of activity beginning, the date of the maximum, the date of activity end, the right ascension and the middle declinaison of the radiant and in short the Code that is used by observers in their reports. Attention Codes in lower-case letter are Codes that I invented! Codes in Upper-case are Codes used to the international levels.

To help you  to prepare your observations you can use the software 'shower' (free).

NAME Begin Maxi End Alpha Delta Code
Quadrantides 28/dec 03/junu 07/junu 15h20 +49 QUA
Zeta Aurigides 11/dec 01/junu 21/junu 05h10 +35 zau
Bootides de janvier 09/junu 17/junu 18/junu 15h05 +44 jbo
Delta Cancrides 12/junu 17/junu 14/feb 08h31 +20 DCA
Canes Venaticides 13/junu 24/junu 30/junu 07h27 +10 cvn
Eta Carinides 14/junu 22/junu 27/junu 10h04 -59 ecr
Draconides de janvier 10/junu 15/junu 24/junu 16h23 +63 rgm
Rho Geminides 28/dec 08/junu 28/junu 07h12 +32 ahy
Alpha Hydrides 15/junu 20/junu 30/junu 09h20 -09 alo
Alpha Leonides 13/junu 27/junu 13/feb 10h25 +09 gvl
Gamma Velides 11/junu 07/junu 17/junu 08h01 -49 aur
Aurigides 31/junu 06/feb 23/feb 04h56 +42 ACE
Alpha Centaurides 02/feb 08/feb 25/feb 14h24 -60 bcn
Beta Centaurides 02/feb 08/feb 25/feb 13h52 -58 bcn
Delta Leonides 05/feb 22/feb 19/mar 10h25 +18 DLE
Sigma Leonides 09/feb 25/feb 13/mar 11h18 +14 slo
Capricorne-Sagittarides 13/junu 01/feb 28/feb 19h56 -15 csg
Chi Capricornides 29/junu 13/feb 28/feb 21h00 -24 ccd
Eta Draconides 22/mar 29/mar 08/apr 16h16 +62 edr
Beta Leonides 14/feb 20/mar 25/apr 11h48 +11 blo
Rho leonides 13/feb 02/mar 13/mar 10h04 +06 rlo
Leonides-Ursides 18/mar 10/mar 07/apr 12h20 +23 lur
Delta Mensis 14/mar 18/mar 21/mar 03h40 -80 dme
Gamma Normides 11/mar 16/mar 21/mar 16h20 -49 GNO
Eta Viginides 24/feb 18/mar 27/mar 12h20 +03 evr
Pi Virginides 13/feb 05/mar 08/apr 12h08 +03 pvr
Theta Virginides 10/mar 20/mar 21/apr 12h56 -02 tvr
Aquarides de mars 02/junu 15/mar 07/junu 22h32 -08 maq
Alpha Virginides 10/mar 07/apr 06/may 13h36 -11 VIR
Lyrides 16/apr 22/apr 25/apr 18h08 +33 LYR
Pi Puppides 15/apr 23/apr 28/apr 07h28 -43 PPU
Eta Aquarides 21/apr 05/may 12/may 22h24 -01 ETA
Sagittarides 15/apr 20/may 15/jul 16h28 -22 SAG
Epsilon Aquilides 17/may 17/may 27/may 18h56 +15 eaq
Lyrides de mai 01/may 06/may 09/may 14h52 -18 mlb
Ophiuchides Nord de mai 08/apr 18/may 16/june 16h52 -15 nmo
Ophiuchides Sud de mai 21/apr 13/may 04/june 16h48 -23 smo
Epsilon Arietides 25/apr 09/may 27/may 02h56 +21 ear
Arietides de mai 04/may 16/may 06/june 02h28 +18 mar
Omicron Cetides 07/may 14/may 09/june 01h52 +03 oce
Piscides de mai 04/may 12/may 27/may 00h52 +22 mps
Aquilides de juin 02/june 16/june 02/jul 19h48 -07 jaq
Bootides de juin 27/june 28/june 05/jul 14h52 +58 jbo
Corvides 25/june 27/june 03/jul 12h46 -19 cor
Tau Herculides 19/may 09/june 19/june 15h44 +41 thr
Lyrides Juin 10/june 15/june 21/june 18h32 +35 jly
Ophiuchides 19/may 20/june 02/jul 17h31 -20 oph
Theta Ophiuchides 21/may 10/june 16/june 17h40 -28 top
Sagittariides 10/june 10/june 16/june 19h48 -34 sgr
Phi Sagittariides 01/june 18/june 15/jul 18h32 -25 psg
Chi Scorpiides 06/may 28/may 02/jul 16h20 -12 csc
Omega Scorpiides 19/may 03/june 11/jul 16h12 -22 osc
Scutides de juin 02/june 27/june 29/jul 18h32 -04 jsc
Arietides 22/may 07/june 02/jul 02h58 +24 ari
Zeta Perseides 20/may 13/june 05/jul 04h12 +26 zpe
Beta Taurides 05/may 29/june 18/jul 05h18 +21 btu
Alpha Lyrides 09/jul 14/jul 20/jul 18h40 +38 aly
Phoenicides de juin 09/jul 14/jul 17/jul 02h08 -48 jph
Alp. Pisc. Austr. 16/jul 30/jul 13/aug 22h28 -28 apa
Sigma Capricornides 18/june 15/jul 30/jul 19h52 -13 scp
Tau Capricornides 02/june 12/jul 29/jul 20h42 -14 tcp
Omicron Draconides 06/jul 17/jul 28/jul 18h04 +59 odr
Pegasides 07/jul 10/jul 13/jul 22h40 +15 JPE
Pisces Austrinides 15/jul 28/jul 10/aug 22h44 -30 PHE
Delta Aquarides sud 14/jul 28/jul 18/aug 22h36 -16 SDA
Alpha Capricornides 15/jul 01/aug 11/sep 20h26 -09 CAP
Iota Aquarides sud 01/jul 06/aug 18/sep 22h28 -12 SIA
Iota Aquarides nord 11/aug 25/aug 10/sep 23h20 +00 NIA
Delta Aquarides nord 16/jul 13/aug 10/sep 22h20 -05 NDA
Perséïdes 23/jul 12/aug 22/aug 03h07 +57 PER
Kappa Cygnides 26/jul 18/aug 01/sep 19h16 +55 KCG
Eridanides d'août 02/aug 11/aug 27/aug 03h18 -05 aer
Upsilon Pegasides 25/jul 08/aug 19/sep 23h16 +18 upg
Alp. Ursa Majorides 09/aug 13/aug 30/aug 11h00 +63 aum
Gamma Aquarides 01/sep 07/sep 14/sep 22h12 -05 gaq
Aries-Triangulides 05/sep 11/sep 15/sep 02h00 +30 atr
Alpha Aurigides 25/aug 01/sep 06/sep 05h40 +41 AUR
Eta Draconides 23/sep 12/sep 28/sep 16h25 +64 edr
Gamma Piscides 26/aug 23/sep 22/oct 22h49 +08 gps
Piscides sud 12/aug 20/sep 07/oct 00h20 -01 SPI
Orionides 15/oct 21/oct 29/oct 06h20 +16 ORI
Arietides d'automne 07/sep 08/oct 27/oct 02h08 +08 ari
Delta Aurigides 22/sep 06/oct 23/oct 05h40 +52 DAU
Eta Cetides 20/sep 01/oct 02/nov 01h00 -13 ect
Cetides d'octobre 08/sep 05/oct 30/oct 01h52 +04 oct
Cygnides d'octobre 11/sep 04/oct 22/sep 20h20 +57 ocy
Draconides 06/oct 09/oct 10/oct 17h28 +54 GIA
Epsilon Geminides 10/oct 18/oct 27/oct 06h52 +25 EGE
Piscides nord 05/oct 12/oct 16/oct 01h44 +04 nps
Sextantides 24/sep 01/oct 09/oct 10h12 -02 sex
Leonides 14/nov 17/nov 20/nov 10h12 +22 LEO
Andromedides 25/sep 14/nov 06/dec 01h44 +37 and
Alpha Monocerotides 13/nov 21/nov 02/dec 07h16 -06 AMO
Alpha Pegasides 29/oct 10/nov 17/nov 22h40 +23 apg
Taurides sud 17/sep 30/oct 27/nov 03h32 +12 STA
Taurides nord 12/oct 05/nov 02/nov 03h36 +21 NTA
Geminides 06/dec 13/dec 19/dec 07h30 +33 GEM
Delta Arietides 08/dec 08/dec 02/junu 03h24 +21 dar
11 canis Minor. 04/dec 10/dec 15/dec 07h48 +13 11c
Coma Berenicides 08/dec 20/dec 23/junu 11h00 +30 COM
Sigma Hydrides 04/dec 12/dec 15/dec 08h28 +02 HYD
Monocerotides de Dec 09/nov 11/dec 18/dec 06h44 +10 MON
Chi Orionides nord 16/nov 10/dec 16/dec 05h28 +23 XOR
Chi Orionides sud 02/dec 10/dec 18/dec 05h52 +20 XOR
Phoenicides 29/nov 05/dec 09/dec 01h00 -52 PHO
Alpha Puppides 17/nov 02/dec 09/dec 07h50 -40 app
Ursides 17/dec 22/dec 25/dec 14h28 +76 URS