Version 3.0

HROFFT2RMOB work only under Windows® 95-98-2000-XP

Some users of HROFFT software by Kazuhiko Ohkawa asked me " how to create automatically my RMOB " ( Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin )  ?

Until today this was not possible, but now it is possible, with HROFFT2RMOB software.

Download here ! ( 400 Ko )

Alternative download site !

How to use HROFFT2RMOB ?

Install ,then run HROFFT2RMOB, you see the screen below.

In first fill your NAME and edit OBSERVER.INI file with "observer" menu.

Use "File" menu and select "Open 1 file", next go to the HROFFT file directory to find the PNG files. Select one file, is automatically loaded and analysis.

Leonids 2004 peak over UK observed by Dave Swan.

HROFFT Main Screen

Some red vertical lines appear over the down of the yellow lines. This is a "echoes"counted by HROFFT2RMOB and that increase the echoes count number ( Bottom left ). It is available to process many files by hourly, daily and monthly file menu. In  all case the processing start automatically after the first file selected. This is not a problem if the file selected is not the first of the hour or the day or the month !

The length of echoes is automatically calculated by the soft and the value displayed in column at right. Use "To clipboard" to copy the value into the clipboard. Use "Paste" in NotPad for example to edit or use in another soft these values.
Remark : This process work fine under my laptop with Win XP home and doesn't work under Win XP home on a computer of Dave Swan ?????

The datas displayed at left or bottom is for 10dB signal. For 20dB and 30dB the values is stored in the output files DAT and RMOB (see below).

"Year of RMOB file" is the year into the name of the RMOB file, by default it is a computer currently date

LIVE processing ?
If your computer work every time with HROFFT you have many images files stored onto your hard disk.
Live processing is for you !
This process read the last PNG file created by HROFFT every time+10mn, display and analysis automatically this file at H + 10 minutes + 5 secondes (by security).
Select one file and next the process search automatically the last PNG file created by HROFFT.
If some PNG files miss in your month observations this is NOT a PROBLEM for HROFFT2RMOB !

HROFFT2RMOB create two subdirectory in the directory of the PNG files is stored, named DATA and RMOB.
Datas files is stored into this new subdirectory "DATA" and "RMOB"  in your HROFFT images directory
Example below : the directory of the images sources and this 2 subdir "data" and "rmob" created by HROFFT12RMOB.

In "data" subdir you find your DAT file (name_MMDDYYYY.dat).

In "rmob" subdir you find the RMOB files dB level.

DAT files what is it ?
The DAT files contain the time and count and length of the echoes measured by HROFFT2RMOB for 10 dB, 20 dB and 30 dB level.
Below one example of a short part of DAT file.
The first column is the hour (UT), separator is "TAB" and next column is a 10 dB count, 20 dB count, 30 dB count, 10 dB length (in seconds), 20 dB length (in seconds), 30 dB length (in seconds).

H UT 10 dB c 20 dB c 30 dB c 10 dB L 20 dB L 30 dB L
00:00 42 22 16 433 261 142
00:10 47 26 13 358 175 57
00:20 75 37 6 276 60 8
00:30 78 35 10 315 110 29
00:40 44 39 12 416 197 88
00:50 43 40 21 450 251 106
01:00 82 37 9 366 92 15
01:10 30 46 31 534 319 105
01:20 0 0 0 0 0 0


RMOB files what is it ?
This is a TEXT file used by the Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin . It is a currently data table for display your meteors counts and length measured.
After HROFFT2RMOB processing you have 6 RMOB files :
3 for the standard count of meteor per hour  yourname_MMYYYYRMOB.TXT
3 for the length of the meteor expressed in seconds per hour    yourname_MMYYYYRMOB_len.TXT

All RMOB files is wievable in "image" file by using Colorgramme On Line on

Below an example of Colorgramme image :

To download the last HROFFT2RMOB version go to

HROFFT2RMOB is a FREE software

For more infos on HROFFT please contact :
Hiroshi Ogawa (University of Tsukuba, JAPAN)

That all !  Good work,

Pierre Terrier   january 2004