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RAW area


Raw area read raw file stored while live datas mode.

The process to load one hour recording file is relatively long.

All buttons work as standard sound player, it is easy to use.

The raw file is useful if you want to control the quality of your audio input signal, but it create some big file.
In WMeteor area if RAW option is selected al time, you risk to "fill" your hard disk.


Some advices.

Below you see 2 screen shoot.
1st you see the window after load of RAW file (64Kb).
The red lines indicate the echoes detected and stored in NDX file coupled with RAW file ( Automatic While acquisition ).

2nd you see one zoom on the largest and main echoe.
You have 2 solutions to zoom IN.

  • You use zoom IN or PLAY button
  • With the mouse you define an rectangle LEFT to RIGHT onto the curve.

To zoom OUT with your mouse define an rectangle RIGHT to LEFT onto the curve.

If you click on the curve on 1 point at left next on 1 point at right the "yellow" line indicate pixels and time between these 2 points.