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Fill your coordinates in OBSERVER area.

This parameters is ABSOLUTE necessary for an good run of the software, particularly for an good display of the sky map, but also to create your observations files and datas transfer on Internet.
Don't forget click on save button before exit this area.
Below fill example of Dave Swan ( UK ).

Contextual help exist on a fill zones or buttons if you let while a small delay your mouse over these zones. ( Here over Country ).

About  "Time Zone"

In "Local" mode  the "Time Zone" is ALWAYS at 0h UT because in this case WMeteor is in acquisition (sampling) and the MUST be adjusted in UT hour.

In "Distant" mode you read the DAT files come from another computer (network or import of files).
In this case your computer is adjusted on local time and it is necessary to you change  "time zone" value  to update file date in UT time.
To control if is good, see the sky map. Look if local hour and UT hour is exact.