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This area is complex by  these many  applications.

For all images the principle is same :
He permit data visualization in synthetic and attractive view. The university of Ghent invent this format of display for these data and we inspired directly.
Image file displays the number of echoes counted per hour on a month.
On the horizontal axis every column of pixels represents one day of the month (left to the right).
On vertical axis every colored square represents 1hour from 0h UT (in top) to 23h UT (in bottom). Some hours, days or all the month of observation can be represented.
The black square indicate an absence of observations (for maintenance for example).  

It is this image type used on in visual part.


How to use :

You have 4 possibilities for read 3 different files types.

In "Local datas source" or in "distant datas source" in LIVE processing you see 4 colorgramme images ( as here, below ).
In the order top to down, left to right :
Image of the COUNT ( Numbering ) of meteor echoes detected while the month.
Image of the Flux while the month. One good radio installation have only a small variations of this value. If your station is stable and at one moment you see some big variations it indicate probably a sporadic disruptions, or a big meteor shower...
Don't modify your installation quickly, wait 1 or 2 days, if is an disruption it length not really very long time.
Image of the Length of echoes expressed in seconds. Easy to understand.
Image of the Length of echoes expressed in pixels. Pixel is one point into your measure window, this is equivalent of the length in seconds, but the length in seconds is the result of an calculation and this calculation round the values. One small difference exist !

Max Auto check box :
Uncheck if you want to modify the scale of the images, with the scroll bar at right of all images. You change the maximum value allocated at the red color.

Image buttons at right of all images is useful if you want to save ( in BMP format ) the image on your hard disk.

Open RMOB File, Open STA File, Open DAT File buttons :
ATTENTION in this 3 case it UNCHECK live process !
All buttons is for visualize a special files.
RMOB files is created by all Meteor soft to store monthly data observations and it is used on
Image of RMOB file is displayed only in top, left corner.
STA files, is a "old" file format created by Meteor DOS software. this is at hourly count text files. Colorgramme WMeteor v 3.3 don't create these files anymore, is replaced by DAT files.
Image of STA file is displayed only in top, left corner.
DAT files, is a new standard of output files from Meteor software.
This files store all datas, count, length, flux come from the soft.
Images of DAT file is displayed in all 4 images as in live process, but the live process is stopped !