Colorgramme for MAnalyzer v 2.0 

Colorgramme for MAnalyzer work only under Windows® 95-98-2000-XP

Full documentation is currently in writting...

If  you are meteors observers using MAnalyzer software created by ESKO LYYTINEN and his son, this Colorgramme version is useful for you.

To download MAnalyzer goto Ilka Yrjola ( OH5IY ) web site :

Colorgramme for MAnalyzer is able to read your Mhdata files created by MAnalyzer, it create your RMOB file from this data and draw Colorgramme image updated every hour, and transfer automatically your data on .

All observers around the world see your results !

Download here ! ( 600 Ko )

How to use Colorgramme for MAnalyzer ?

Install ,then run Colorgramme for MAnalyzer, you see the screen below.

In first fill the observer form, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to use the soft.
Below an example with Dave Swan parameters.

Observer Screen

After click on "LIVE mhdata" menu then select your last mhdata file.
Next, the soft create an Colorgramme image of your RMOB file and it is ready to transfer this data on
Select "Internet via FTP" area.
You see your Colorgramme image and if you want, you choose your internet connexion type and the time interval to transfer your data on the server.

To download the last Colorgramme for MAnalyser version goto

Colorgramme for MAnalyzer is a FREE software

That all !  Good work,

Pierre Terrier   02/2004